Why QR Konnect?

Quality and regulatory are an integral part of products and services. With ever-growing demand by customers and regulatory authorities, organizations need to fulfill their requirements accurately and effectively. QR Konnect is committed to provide a quality, regulatory and improvement services with professional competencies and virtuous. Provide best solutions for design/manufacturing assurance, regulatory submission, audit, risk management, quality system, product/process improvement and more.


Extensive experience in highly regulated industries like Medical Device and Aerospace, along with product development experience enables to provide objective, effective and efficient solutions.


Insightful Solution

Thinking forward and harnessing the best available practices and technologies to comply with current and future quality and regulatory requirements.


Subject Matter Expert

With in-depth knowledge of various standards, guidelines, regulatory requirements, methodologies, tools and techniques, committed to provide suitable and value-adding services.



Latest News


Devising Change – Monitoring recent medical device quality and regulatory reforms

I am happy to share my article “Devising Change – Monitoring recent medical device quality and regulatory reforms” is published in March, 2019 ASQ’s Quality Progress magazine. Article highlights the ...


Quality Metrics for New Era

Quality is an integral part of the product and it is critical for the organization’s success. The traditional quality metrics, which helped to progress during the Industrial era won’t be ...

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